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How do I submit a data request?
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Stack Overflow for Teams provides historical context at Runtastic.
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What is our product development process?
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Iterate more easily

Ensure that findings can be replicated by standardizing practices and providing transparent documentation that can easily evolve over time.


Q4 Hotfix Release

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Subscription Lifecycle

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Enable data self-service

Transparently share results while making knowledge more searchable.

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Onboarding FAQ

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Which holidays do we have off?
How do I get my local setup?

We needed to build a repository of the questions we ask because a lot of them were being asked over and over again. Being able to build up that knowledge base over time has severely decreased the amount of time it takes to ramp somebody up.

William Du
A data scientist at Primer

It’s far better than a wiki, which takes time to write, makes guesses about what people will need to know, and gets stale over time. This stays as up-to-date, relevant, and useful as the regular Stack Overflow, without any extra effort.

J.J. Fliegelman
Chief Technology Officer, WayUp

It's notoriously difficult to trudge through your Slack history to find one question. GitHub didn't really make sense because we have individual products and they have their own repo so there's not really one place to put all your questions. And Confluence wasn’t working as a way to organize and share knowledge.

William Du
A data scientist at Primer

It's a very exciting time for our team where we're onboarding quite a few new team members. As they're ramping up, it's also become more critical that we leave a knowledge base so that they're able to reference those questions and answers. We're not just putting in all this effort answering people's questions and, you know, letting it kind of disappear into the data, the universe.

Aiko Krishna
Product Manager at Box

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