Maximize your billable revenue

Technology is constantly evolving, and System Integrators must be up to speed on the latest offerings and solutions to meet their client’s needs.

Getting new hires up to speed and keeping existing employees up to date with the evolution of technology has a direct impact on the bottom line. The faster your employees are made billable, the quicker you can provide the services your clients demand and the quality they need.

In this calculator we consider the cost of onboarding new billable employees and the impact to your annualized revenue. You can both reduce non-billable costs and increase billable revenue by streamlining the onboarding process with Stack Overflow for Teams.

Annualized billable revenue
Non-billable costs
Annualized billable revenue - cost
% increase in annualized billable revenue
Number of new billable employees
Billable rate
Your cost
Current time to billable (in business days)
Reduce time to billable by

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