Minimize distractions and improve time to code

The C-suite spends a lot of time thinking about attracting, retaining, and growing talent. According to a Gartner poll of CEOs, it’s the second highest area of financial/resource investment within their organization.

In order for employees to progress in their careers, they need to be able to offload redundant questions and tasks to focus on producing high quality work and growing their expertise. Repetitive tasks disrupt workflows, reduce ability to create impact, and decrease the feeling of productivity and growth.

In this calculator we consider the cost of hiring, onboarding, and training, as well as the impact to productivity across an organization. Subject Matter Experts are most impacted when new hires are onboarded due to interruptions from questions and requested help.

The below calculations capture both the time saved when onboarding new employees and the time your Subject Matter Experts can take back by using Stack Overflow for Teams.

Estimated reduction in onboarding time per new hire
0.9 weeks
Total hours recovered by employees who support a new hire
288 hours
Typical time it takes to get a new employee up to speed (number of weeks)
Number of employees who support onboarding new hires
Estimated hours per week employees are supporting new hires
Estimated reduction in time to onboard
Development time gained per week for each Subject Matter Expert
22.67 hours
Increase in development time for Subject Matter Experts
Average time it takes to answer a question (minutes)
Average number of questions from new hires per day
Estimated reduction in number of questions asked with a knowledge sharing platform

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